New Pantone Fall Colors

Dark Delights
PANTONE®’s recent announcement of the new IN colors for Fall has brides seeing deep jewel tones and richer shades that add a touch of warmth to their wedding color options.


Only one shade stays with us for both spring and fall: that would be PANTONE®’s color of the year, Emerald, a shimmering stunner in any season. Emerald also happens to be one of the most valuable and expensive gemstones, so in our financially-crunched world, perhaps brides see Emerald as a pop of color with a message of opulence, extravagance, royal inspiration, and celebrity style.

PANTONE®’s color expert suggests pairing Acai with Emerald for luxury and elegance, and Mykonos Blue (a name that befittingly evokes thoughts of the Greek islands) and Linden Green’s soft shade, and even suggests adding a dash of Emerald to that combination. And for brides who love pink, Vivacious’s ‘wildly deep fuchsia’ adds that jewel of a shade for what PANTONE® call’s ‘sensuality.’