Photo Flair – Stylish ideas for engagement sessions

If you are looking for some creative locales and ideas for your engagement session, we have some for you. All of these photos were taken in Northeast Oklahoma, but could translate to almost any locale. A special thanks to Andrea Murphy Photography, Storybook Wedding Photography and Artworks Tulsa Photography for sharing their fabulous photos.

Storybook Wedding Photography Storybook Wedding Photography

3 thoughts on “Photo Flair – Stylish ideas for engagement sessions

  1. Hey I love your pictures from the crisue they are so creative you have an eye for it and you are very good. I am glad I had a chance to learn from you. We should be going to your workshop one day I voted for your shot its still my fave.

    • Leah Garcia – I absolutely LOOOOOVE this!! The picutres came out so cute, u do fabulous work Anginet! CONGRATS Leon family he’s such a doll and I couldn’t b happier for u guys ^-^ Can’t wait to meet bebe Jordan!

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